Horse rugs are used to cover and protect horses from extreme weather conditions. These are specific horse rugs for different purposes. Some rugs are made to protect from the sun's heat in summer, and some are manufactured to protect the horses from extremely cold climates. These rugs are known as winter horse rugs and are specifically made to use in winter.

However, the winter season can be different in many countries, and you can also see temperature differences during the day. Also, certain other things must be prevented throughout the years so they can’t harm the horses. So, when finding the right kind of winter horse rugs, you must know about all these rugs. This article contains a detailed overview of horse rugs in winter.

Why do horses need rugs in winter?

Horse rugs play an important role in winter in keeping the horses warm and ready for performance. Know how they can do so.

  • They can become ill

    In winter, due to rapid temperature changes in day and night and extremely low temperature at night and moisture are not suitable for horses, and they can suffer from various illnesses. Though animals have a natural temperature regulating power in their body in extremities, it is not enough. A horse can’t keep their body warm at very low temperatures without any external effort. So, rugs are wrapped around the horse’s body to warm it up.
  • They tend to gain fat

    Either because of health issues or body stiffness in winter, horses don’t like to go out, exercise, and run. Over time, they can gain fat. A fatty horse is not good for a race. To prepare the horse, you need to make it do exercise and run regularly. So, you need to keep them warm so that they get the energy to move. That’s why covers that generate temperature are needed.
  • Horses will become inactive

    like humans, the winter season is also hard for animals. They feel it is tough to move their body in cold and moist air. So, they become inactive and love to stay stable all day. That way, they lose the power to perform well. You must cover them with the right winter horse rugs to keep them warm.
  • Performance level will be decreased

    When a horse stays maximum time in the stable and almost leaves to roam outside even to eat hey, they don’t remain capable for further performances or races. To make them active, you have to give them comfort so that they can eat and go outside to practice, exercise, and perform better throughout the year

Best winter horse rugs

These are certain winter horse rugs that solve different purposes that can come in the winter season.

  1. Turnout rugs

    Turnout rugs are the best rugs for winter. When it is a dying cold temperature, these rugs help in generating a good amount of heat inside and provide the horse's warmth. These rugs protect the animal from snowfall, dry or wet wind, and other harsh weather conditions.
  1. Stable rugs

    When your horses are inside the stable in winter, they need rugs to sleep well. You can get different thicknesses that provide levels of warmth-generating capacity. So, you have the options to choose from the temperature of your area and the need of your horses.
  1. Fleece rugs

    Fleece rug is another king of winter horse rugs that also can generate a good amount of heat in winter. When your horse cannot keep themselves warm due to a dangerously cold climate, these rugs will save them. They can be used either inside or outside the stable.
  1. Exercise rugs

    These are also used in winter and have a very important role. Your horse's body temperature increases massively after an intense exercise or run. If you let it down quickly, your horse can have health issues. Rather, exercise rugs are put on the horses so that they can reduce the speed of temperature dropping.


So, you must have understood how important it is to cover your horse in winter. Now you can choose any type of winter horse rug that would be perfect for the winter season of your country, and your horses will stay in comfort.